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FurBridge Animal Rescue and Community Outreach is an animal rescue and community outreach program that offers financial assistance, funding, education & awareness to both the public and other non-profit organizations.

Our Goals

- Initiate proactive steps to prevent animal cruelty & promote awareness of humane treatment of animals
- Prevent animals from being surrendered to shelters in the first place, as opposed to trying to get the animals adopted once they arrive there
- Intervention help for individuals with problems concerning animals and implementing a non-judgmental approach
- Raising funds to support the work of the organization
- Guiding the public in humane and proper care of animals
- Offer a variety of outreach programs to families in need, educate proper animal handling skills in schools with trained behaviorists, sponsor spay/neuter clinics, home euthanization & amp; animal advocacy to forward
- “After Adoption” services allowing home support after an adoption including questions answered, training tips or support and give them a direction to obtain help
- Help the homeless who will not give up their pets, but are willing to live on the streets. Speak with shelters and the Board of Health to see if temporary fosters or any type of provisions can be made
- Subsidize dog food, supplements or vaccines to families temporarily in need due to job loss
- Remaining a small rescue that provides quality care & training to each foster. Fosters will be at training facilities or in private homes.
- Liaison for information, therapy dogs, trainers, low cost or discounted vet services, clinics, boarding facilities, discounted, groomers
- Offer services to process applications, home visits, check out potential adopters
- Speak with NYS Prison systems to initiate a foster/adoption program
- Work with other non-profit organizations to help, unite and work together
- Rehabilitate shelter dogs and train for therapy, service or good citizens for veterans with PTSD or people with medical conditions in need