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Hi everyone!

My name is Venus and I am the cat who is believed to be photoshopped by most everyone who sees my picture, that is, until they find the videos. I don't blame them for thinking that. If I wasn't me I'd probably think I was photoshopped too. I was born as a stray on a dairy farm in North Carolina. Then, my human saw me and adopted me so I went to live with her in Florida which was my home for 7 years. I just moved to Michigan and my favorite thing to do is sit at the rear slider door and watch the squirrels and blue jays from the preserve come to eat the food mama puts out. I'm not an only fur child. I live with other cats, a Shiba Inu dog, and sometimes foster kitties. My mama, with my help, has been able to help many animals in need in many ways which is my favorite thing about being a celebricat. My life hasn't changed much other than I get lots of goodies in the mail now from treats to toys to even litter boxes and cat trees. It's pretty cool and the best part is, the way we give back to animals in need. That's what I'm all about, there's no two sides about it.

Single, married or dating?

Single, not looking, and I'm spayed so no I will NOT have your babies.

Best compliment you have received?

"That has to be photoshopped." When you're so unique that people think there's no way you actually look like that, how do you not take that as a compliment.

Do you look more like your mom or dad?

Right down the middle actually.... half my mom, half my dad!

Favourite Holiday?

Well Halloween of course for obvious reasons!

Have you ever been on an airplane?

Not only have I been on a plane, I've been in the cockpit. A pilot recognized me when I was coming back from New York and invited me into the cockpit once we landed and were at the gate.

Favourite colour?

Well I'm kind of divided between orange and black.