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Hey y'all!! My name is Sophie and my mom says that I must have been a model in a former life because I love to get dressed up and pose for photos, it's true! I live in NJ with my human parents, my cat sisters Madeline and Polly and this thing that we call a D...O...G. I've been trying to figure out ways to get rid of that D...O...G because she annoys me with her big, clumsy, oversized feet and smelly breath, but so far I've been unsuccessful. Dont worry, I'll figure it out one day! Humans always wonder what breed I am with my silky, black coat and bright green eyes and I tell them that I am 1/2 Russian Blue and 1/2 Black Awesome! I'm on a mission in this world to promote black cat adoptions because sadly, black cats are the most under adopted and most euthanized animals in the US because of ridiculous superstitions and stereotypes, so I'm out there showing people how lucky and loving we really are!!

My favorite toy is the Cat Dancer. It probably has to be because it reminds me of a flying moth and moths are my favorite bug to eat. They are like flying powdered donuts!

I get lots of dating and marriage proposals, but I've been in this crazy long distance relationship with my man Panther for almost 2 years now. He lives in Buffalo, NY and his mom is always busy with college so we don't get to talk much. Plus my mom won't let me have my own ibanana phone to call him, but I know that he loves me!

If you ask any of my furiends on instagram, they will tell you that my favorite foods are meatloaf, waffles, fish sticks and liverwurst, but I'll tell you a secret.... it's really Temptations and my sister Madeline's special prescription food that I'm not supposed to eat! Ssshhhhhhhhhh......... Let me tell you something, I'm convinced that vacuums are really aliens from outer space. I don't even want to discuss it right now because they can probably read my mind!

I don't think that becoming a celebrity has changed me at all. Mom keeps me pretty grounded by making me cook my own food and keeping the litterbox neat. She reminds me all the time of how lucky I am and to remember to pray for the less fortunate animals out there.

Sometimes humans ask me what my favorite color is, but let's be honest..... black goes with everything!!