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Rancho Relaxo Palette

Rancho Relaxo Palette



Peanut Dean Pineapple Bibble Murdock

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Rancho Relaxo's Mission

Rancho Relaxo’s sole mission is to help every animal possible and we will not stop until every animal is heard. To date, they have rescued over 300 animals – large and small, all deserving of being free of abuse and neglect.

Peanut, Dean, Pineapple, Bibble and Murdock are 5 of those animals.


Caitlin originally went to pick up Peanut and her brother because her mother had run out of milk to feed them. When they arrived the brother had already passed away and when she picked up Peanut to bring her back to Rancho Relaxo, her mother began wailing uncontrollably. "WHERE ARE YOU GOING WITH MY BABY?!?!" Just because she could not produce milk for her child, does not mean she did not love her child. After about an hour of pleading and begging with the farmer, Caitlin was able to rescue both of them!


Murdock is Caitlin's angel - sent straight from the heavens. He was being kept in a cage on black asphalt in the middle of summer at a used car lot. It was 100 degrees out and this poor bub had no water at all. This gentle soul now calls Rancho Relaxo home and is very near and dear to Caitlin's heart.


Caitlin received a text that stated 'I have a male orphan baby goat if you know anyone looking for one to bottle feed. Mother had triplets and rejected him immediately' How could she say no? Dean had a tough go at it in the beginning but is now a very special member of Rancho Relaxo!

Pineapple and Bibble

These two experienced a living nightmare together before arriving at Rancho Relaxo. Pineapple and Bibble are one of the most bonded pairs at the farm. They rely on each other for safety and comfort. We should all be so lucky to have such a rock in our lives like Pineapple and Bibble are to each other.