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Hello, my name is Petal and I am a Saanen goat, a common dairy goat breed. Like my brother Ansel, I was also infected with Ecoli, but my case was not as severe. Ansel says I was his rock while he was sick but I just did what any goat would do, ya know? I was the first female goat in our family but trust me, I am just as tough as any of the boys. I have earned the name “Queen Petal” because sometimes the other goats get a little crazy and I like to discipline them and keep order around here. Like all Queens, they want to protect their Kingdom and who better to protect the Goats of Anarchy than the most beautiful, gentle and graceful goat in all the land! Oh and the most modest goat, can't forget modest.

Single, dating or married?

I'm keeping my options open.

What is your middle name?

They call me "Queen" Petal.

Favourite books?

Goats Just Wanna Have Fun by Goats of Anarchy, coming out this Spring and starring ME!

Has being a celebrity changed you?

Not really, I've been a celebrity since I was 3 days old so it's all I've every known.

Do you like to live dangerously?

Always, you should see me on the goat trampoline!