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Juniper the Fox

Juniper the Fox



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I'm Juniper and I'm the happiest fox.

I live with a variety of different animal friends, but I only have eyes for Moose. That's my doggo boyfriend. Even though he wont admit it, I know he loves me. Most foxes live in the forest, but my mum adopted me into her home when I was very small, since I was never able to live in the wild. We like to help raise awareness that it's not easy living with forest animals and help stop cuties like myself from becoming just another novelty pet.

What is your favorite toy:

"I have a blue ball that everyone calls "Wilson", he's my best friend and I take extra special care of him. Mum says he's imaginary, but why would I share my snacks and bed with him if that were the case?!"

What was your first thought when you woke up this morning:

"It's not even 4pm yet, go away."

Where do you sleep at night:

"I sleep on top of Moose, don't you sleep on top of your boyfriend?"

Favourite food/snack:

"I enjoy about 20 mini marshmallows here and there. By here and there I mean I like to hide them... here and there. You never know when you're going to have a snack emergency."

Do you enjoy taking a bath:

"Only when bubbles are involved."