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Hobbikats Trio Palette

Hobbikats Trio Palette



Teddy Bindi Stache

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Fun Facts about the Hobbikats


Teddy, Stache and Bindi are Oriental Shorthairs


Teddy is much different from most Oriental Shorthair cats due to his extreme ears and extra-long limbs.


Teddy has a striking resemblance to the Harry Potter character, Dobby and people all over the world have now nicknamed him “Dobby” or they use the hashtag #dobbycat when referring to him in social media. Stache resembles many famous people from Freddie Mercury of Queen to Tom Selleck!


Teddy, Stache and Bindi live in New Jersey USA.


Teddy, Stache and Bindi have had over 20 million hits to their videos worldwide.


People find their unique features irresistible and their popularity grows every day.


Teddy is probably the most popular because he is known for his unique features and big ears. He is very friendly, playful cat and VERY vocal with his meow sounding like a party favor horn. People love to refer to him as "Dobby" and a Kylo Ren (Star Wars) look alike as well as a host of other celebrities. I reserve every Tuesday on Instagram and on Teddy's Facebook page / Dobby_Cat for...drum roll....Teddy Tuesday! Which is all about promoting love and happiness through Teddy's pictures. It's very popular and grows every week. Teddy's videos and now gotten millions and millions of views and it's great to see so many people get to know the Oriental Shorthair breed through his pics/vids.


Stache's pictures have also made the internet rounds and his been compared to just about every celebrity that has a moustache. He is the oldest one of my Oriental Shorthairs and is a very sweet, calm boy who loves nothing more than to take care of his younger siblings.


Bindi is the middle child or what I refer to as the "Jan Brady" syndrome. He is definitely my first responder and greets everyone who comes into my home with no fear. He is also a bit devilish and chases Stache and Teddy around if he catches them off guard. Even though he has a tough exterior, he's a huge mush with a HUGE HEART and loves nothing more than to next to hoomans.


Oriental Shorthairs are known for their outgoing personalities and kitten antics well into their adult years. They crave non-stop attention from their owners, and are exceedingly athletic. They need constant play time or get bored easily and will get into EVERYTHING if you don't entertain them :)