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Freedom Farm Palette



Beauty Flint Fiona Perry Ellie

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Beauty was one of many horses found on an abandoned farm in south jersey where all were starving to death in terrible conditions. Beauty was one of the first rescues to enter Freedom Farm where she received major TLC. She had a long way to go while resembling a skeleton upon arriving into the rescue's care, with cuts and marks all over her body and an almost non-existent mane and tail. She has come so far from that point and our vet has said that now she could even shed a few pounds!


Flint is one of two alpacas that Freedom Farm helped pull from an alpaca farm that was doing major downsizing. Out of the two, Flint was far more underweight but both have gained so much since being with the rescue. Does Flint spit?! Never at people but you may see him and his brother, Hiccup, getting into a spit match up with one another from time to time.


Fiona is a pot belly pig that was an owner surrender after the family called and explained that they were losing their house. She was said to be only a few months old when the rescue received her. However, Fiona wanted nothing to do with humans and ran from them every chance she got. Freedom Farm's people worked with her every single day to gain her trust and within weeks she was climbing into laps and eating from your hand! Now Fiona shares her time with other piggy friends and has transformed from the rescue's most terrified pig to it's most friendly!


Perry is a young Nubian goat that Freedom Farm caught information about being sent to auction to make a few bucks off of. Nubian males are often sold for meat because of the large size of the breed. After finding out about this young goat's fate Freedom Farm quickly scooped him up to bring him into the safety of the rescue. Perry has been such a sweet boy since day one and loves to run around and be rambunctious with the rest of the herd


Ellie was picked up by Freedom Farm at a local auction where they found her up for bidding while she stood hunched over in a cage far too small for a turkey, such as herself. She was scared and she looked like she'd been through hell. The rescuers had to be the ones leaving with her and so they did. She has blossomed since residing at Freedom Farm, with all of her feathers grown back and her black and white colors so solid. She has made friends with not only other turkeys, but with chickens, peacocks, guineas, and even pigeons!