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Floyd the Lion

Floyd the Lion



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Describe yourself...

I'm a Persian cat with a lion heart who appreciates the simple things in life, including cardboard boxes, naps in sinks and on-leash adventures in Colorado. I live with my two moms and @EvilAuntKoda who is quite snarky. @TudDoodle is my best friend and the recipient of my custom Thai massages. I love making people laugh and have connected with friends all over the world through Instagram. Thanks for following along!

Single, dating or married?

Dating. My first crush was Saffy of The Fabulous Meows, then I crushed on Olivia Benson, Taylor Swift's cat, for a bit. This past summer I met Venus The Two Face Cat. We hung out at the Denver County Fair for a weekend and I am still smitten!

Best compliment you have received?

"You're majestic AF ... whatever that means!"

Favourite books?

"Cats On Instagram" and "Adventure Cats." And I'm not just saying that because of my cameos.

What astrological sign are you?

I am a loving Libra. Clever, imaginative & romantic. Take note ladies!

Favourite holiday?

Fall. Yes, in my mind it's a holiday. I get to chase leaves and go on many walks.

Has being a celebrity changed you?

A what?! Who put my photo on the Internet?

Do you enjoy taking a bath?

Do you enjoy wrestling a baby alligator?

If you had to choose to be another animal, what would it be?

A griffin. I would love to fly, but I need wings!