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My name is Brinks and I’d like to be your smiling Pit Bull concierge to the wonderful world of Ferris and Char Chars Light Sheer Pedal Pink Lip Gloss. I’m sure you’re curious as to what my story is—so let’s get right to it so you can continue loading up that digital shopping cart! I live in Brooklyn with my incredibly talented, charismatic and humble human, Jon. We both discovered each other 12 years ago on the action packed streets of Brooklyn. I was ownerless, 11-months old, looking for my next couch to conquer and food bowl to empty. He had a couch, a spare food bowl and a job, so naturally we’ve been best buddies ever since. I’m sure you’ve noticed my big grin. It’s real. Not a Photoshop trick. I literally smile at the things I like. I smile when my Human greats me in the morning, pets me, gives me treats, when I sleep, etc, etc. Why? Because life’s too short to go through with anything but a joyous and loving attitude. Also: don’t go through it without Sheer Pedal Pink on your lips! XO Your friend furrever, Brinks

Who is your best friend in the whole world?

That Jon Guy.

Are you a boy or a girl?

All man, baby!

What is your astrological sign?


Are you fixed?

Let's just say there's no baby Brinks in my future... (wipes tear from eye)

Favourite musical artist?

Grimes (she's so hot)!

Favourite movie?

Grand Budapest Hotel.

Favourite food or snack?

Cheese, cheese and then more cheese!

Favourite book?

The Time Traveler's Wife (I'm a romantic!)

What is your favourite sleep spot?

On top of the human's bed.

What is your favourite sport?


What is your favourite holiday?

Every day is holiday for me.

Favourite spot in the house?

Any spot the human says is off limits. Also: in a sunbeam or by a heater.

On matters of cars:

Failed my driving test but I'm the world's best copilot.

On matters of airplanes:

I'll keep my paws on the ground where they belong, thank you.

On matters of bathing:

I'm happy to oblige. Being a dirty dog is no way to go through life.

If you had to choose to be another animal, what would it be?

Wait, isn't everyone a dog?

Favourite colour?

Light sheer pedal pink, of course.

Are you active or lazy?

I'm a pit bull, so I crush both.

Who is your mortal enemy?

Anything with the fire name Hoover, Dyson or Dirt Devil.

On matters of cats:

Why are they such pains in the butt? I got love but they don't want it.

On matters of dogs:

Some of my best friends are dogs.

On matters of your legacy:

I want everyone to embrace love more. And adopt a homeless pet!