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Bonnie & Clyde Duo Palette

Bonnie & Clyde Duo Palette



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I'm a loveable gal but I only like men. I am best known for my special relationship I have with my tiny humans.

I'm full figured and proud of it.

My chronic restingbitchface is my favorite quality about myself.

My hobbies include begging for treats, snuggling, and waking the entire house up at 3am screaming for no reason at all.


I might look like a cat but act like a dog. Don't be fooled.

I can win any staring contest. Try me.

My human doppelgänger is Ryan Reynolds cuz he is hysterical and ridiculously good looking like me.

I own a special cat spa that gives baths and deep tissue massages. So far my only customer is Bonnie.

My hobbies include playing fetch, napping and staring for hours at bugs on the ceiling.