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Barnyard Sanctuary Palette

Barnyard Sanctuary Palette



Daisy Apple Scarlett Riviera Lola

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Daisy, a white pygmy goat, and her family were found wandering in the woods. A homeowner managed to trap 3-month old Daisy and her little friend, Chester, and they came to live with us. Daisy’s mom and twin were unfortunately killed by coyotes. Daisy is our spokes-goat and has been on the news several times, as well as numerous photo shoots.


Apple, a leopard Appaloosa horse, was sent to auction halfway through her pregnancy by her former owner, after being used as a broodmare. Unsold to any private buyers, she was loading on a slaughterbound truck when we paid her meat price and rescued her. On 2/19/17, Apple gave birth to a beautiful pintaloosa filly, Apple’s Blossom. This is one baby that this beautiful momma will never lose.


Riviera, a black standard donkey, went through the auction pregnant, with her boyfriend/baby daddy, Doc. Unsold and heading for slaughter, we stepped in and took them both to our sanctuary, where baby WapiUno (lucky one) was born 1/1/17. This family will never be separated.


Scarlett, a Hereford farm hog, showed up at a horse stable, running loose when she was only 2-3 months old. She was brought to us so she could live a happy life with her new pig family, Miss Piggy, Eddie and Savannah.


Lola, a black Shetland sheep, was originally rescued with 2 other sheep (Washington and Edward) from an extremely brutal situation, by someone who could not keep them. Brought to us for safekeeping, they formed the initial nucleus of our ever-increasing sheep herd.

About Barnyard Sanctuary

The Barnyard Sanctuary is located in the beautiful farmlands of Columbia, New Jersey (Warren County) and is currently home to approximately 700 rescued farm animals, including cows, horses, donkeys, mules, goats, sheep, llamas, alpacas, water buffalo, pigs, rabbits, cats and multiple types of birds.

In 2010, when we first started as a non-profit, we opened our doors with the simple mission of helping people who needed to rehome their pet farm animals. Boy, were we in for some big surprises! The first weekend we were open, we took in 74 animals, so clearly there was a need for our services! Since then, almost 3,000 animals have passed through our doors.

While we are a haven for homeless animals brought to us by the public, as well as animals seized by authorizes from cruelty cases, we are also so much more. Educating the public, even one person at a time, is a permanent goal. Fighting for their rights our crusade.

Once you have looked into the eyes of these beautiful animals and see their fear, you can never turn your back.

If you would like to learn more, please visit our website and social media. We love visitors! Come see us. Kiss a cow on the nose, scratch a piggy on the tummy, hug a donkey, or simply watch them all just BE. It does a heart good.